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Keysteel is used for driving torque between shafts, pulleys, sprockets and couplings. Find the right keysteel from our range.

AR Bearings and Transmissions stock a comprehensive range of key steel, also known as key bar. We stock both imperial and metric sizes in standard 12” (3014mm) lengths.
The standard stock range is self-colour 080M40 (EN8) steel. Plated keysteel is not standard but can be obtained quickly, however stainless steel A2, A4, C3, and 1.4751 is readily available.
Although the standard stock length is 304mm we can order lengths of up to 3 meters to suit the needs of your project.

We can also have specific keys machined to order, including round ended keys. An Interference fir range is also available for use with worn keys.

Quality keysteel for your application –

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