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See our range of electric motors and keep your application moving. Whether you need to run an air-conditioner or a conveyer belt, we’ve got an electric motor to suit your needs.

Three phase electric motors are constructed from either aluminium or cast iron. These units can be used to run a variety of tasks ranging from air conditioners to conveyor belts. By using three phase electric motors you can increase efficiency and save space as they are more compact and run more smoothly than their single phase counterparts, whilst providing nearly twice the power.


Available from 0.09kw through to 55kw.Speeds:
  • 2 pole (3000 rpm)
  • 4 pole (1500 rpm)
  • 6 pole (900 rpm)
  • 8 pole (650 rpm)
IP55 Standard (suitable for wet and dusty environments).Manufactured to ISO9001 Standard.

Cast Iron

Available from 0.18kw through to 315kw Speeds:
  • 2 pole (3000 rpm)
  • 4 pole (1500 rpm)
  • 6 pole (900 rpm)
  • 8 pole (650 rpm)
Slower speeds are available on request. 
IP55 Standard (suitable for wet and dusty environments). 
Manufactured to ISO9001 Standard.
Three phase electric motor
Single phase motors have many domestic applications as well as industrial uses. For example, they are ideally suited for use in fans and blowers. They are also widely used in agricultural machinery as well as vacuum pumps and refrigeration equipment.
Single phase motor
Permanent Capacitor

  • 0.18kw through to 2.2kw
  • Speed controllable
  • Reliable
  • 0.1-1.2 torque rated
  • No mechanical starting mechanism
  • Low starting currents
Capacitor Start/ Capacitor Run

  • 0.37kw through to 3.7kw
  • High starting torque performance
  • High overload rating
  • Cool running
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise with change of connection
High Efficiency Electric Motors

AR Bearings and Transmission offer a range of high efficiency three phase motors from 1.1kw through to 132kw.

EFF1/EFF2 Motors

These motors are accredited by CEMP and ECA. They are also energy conserving motors which will save money over extended periods of time.

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